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Heavy HEMA Jacket


Superior Fencing's heavy padded jacket includes most “standard” HEMA jacket features, plus a few extras! The thickly padded chest is double-layered when zipped to offer additional protection. The collar features a blade-catcher to help prevent swords from sliding under your gorget. Our jacket also includes vents built into the back that can easily be opened and closed via zippers for cooling or warmth as needed.

These are the standard heavy jackets that our students wear, and we are convinced that they are a perfect starting point in your HEMA gear adventure!

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Customer Reviews

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Nelson Whitaker
Heavy HEMA Jacket

The Jacket is very weighty and well made. First time wearers will definitely need to be use to moving around in the jacket, but totally worth it.

Michele Einspar
Great jacket! And great customer service!

My son is very pleased with his jacket. The vendor kindly made arrangements so I could pick up the item within a day. Thank you SoCal Swords!

tj hinton
Heavy Hema Jacket

It's impossible to overstate how heavy this jacket is. The weight is not insubstantial, and the padding is well done and liberally applied. If there's a downside, it's that the forearm padding is too thick to accommodate my armored forearm guards with the clamshell gloves, but so far the padding has been sufficient by itself, so I just use the elbow cups without the forearm bits.

Jon Bertani
Heavy Hema Jacket,

The jacket is of fine quality and fit's well. A bit difficult to get the zipper lined up zip it up. Also if doesn't quite seem thick enough to provide adequate protection for using the synthetic swords. Perhaps only for light work.

Spencer Goods

Heavy HEMA Jacket