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Heavy HEMA Jacket


Superior Fencing's heavy padded jacket includes most “standard” HEMA jacket features, plus a few extras! The thickly padded chest is double-layered when zipped to offer additional protection. The collar features a blade-catcher to help prevent swords from sliding under your gorget. Our jacket also includes vents built into the back that can easily be opened and closed via zippers for cooling or warmth as needed.

These are the standard heavy jackets that our students wear, and we are convinced that they are a perfect starting point in your HEMA gear adventure!

Superior Fencing Torso Size Chart

Customer Reviews

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Spencer Goods

Heavy HEMA Jacket

Accurate Size Chart, Great Customer Service

There was a sizing and shipping issue, I emailed SoCal and RJ got back to me in a timely manner, fixed the problem and there was no BS.

I got the jacket today and it fits great!
I'm 5'11" and 165 lbs, I ordered a M. This is my first HEMA Gambeson and I'm very happy.

David Levine
Great jacket

Built well and offers outstanding protection for hema fencers of all skill levels

Eugene Choe
Well made, odd sizing

I am 6'1 and slim.
My measurements are:

Total torso length chosen 69cm
Chest girth 102 cm
Arm length 69 cm
Waist girth 89cm

Total length of the jacket and sleeves on the XL are perfect for me. Jacket ends right at the pubic bone in the front and covers the top half of my hips on the sides. Waist and chest are about 20cm too large for me but the waist can be adjusted to fit snugly with the velcro strap in the back. Jacket includes extra fabric in the armpits to allow you to extend your arms above your head without the jacket riding up too much. There seems to be quite a lot of extra material in the biceps, my upper arms are swimming in cloth but the sleeve tapers well at the elbow and forearm and provide a good fit. Not sure if this a consequence of me purchasing an XL.

Diego Gonzalez
Excellent customer service.

I ordered a jacket and needed to return the item, SoCalSwords quickly accepted my return and sent a replacement. Very responsive and helpful.