RJ McKeehan, owner

RJ has been practicing HEMA since the sport began gaining popularity in the U.S., and since then has actively contributed to its evolution. RJ continuously hones his techniques and instruction to reflect the most current understanding of medieval swordplay. He has medaled in tournaments around the world, but his specialties are in cutting and messer. A true historical fighter and educator, RJ’s fights evoke the drama of centuries-old duels while his instruction provides valuable insights for first-time participants and experienced fighters alike. RJ has consulted and appeared on shows including “Mythbusters,” “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death,” and “Man at Arms: Art of War,” demonstrating the power and versatility of a blade in the hands of an expert.


Jonathan Ying

In his decade-long HEMA career, Jonathan has been ranked #5 in longsword in the world and competed in the 2019 European Games in Minsk as part of the U.S. team. He focuses on German longsword, military saber, and singlestick, with multiple medals in each discipline. Jonathan competed on the second season of “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death” and enjoys introducing both adults and kids to the art of sword fighting.

Myles Cupp

A history enthusiast, Myles has traveled internationally to study antique swords, refine his techniques, and research historical martial systems and manuals. Besides medaling in categories from longsword to cutting to rapier in tournaments around the U.S., he represented North America in the 2019 European Games in rapier. Myles also contributes analyses of sword mechanics to SwordSTEM as a professional engineer.

Rachel Van Dyke

Rachel was introduced to HEMA in 2014 and is now one of the top women’s longsword fighters on the West Coast. Her dedication both in and out of the ring makes her an integral part of SCS and the broader HEMA community. With a firm grasp of fundamental to advanced techniques across multiple disciplines, she provides outstanding personalized instruction and tournament coaching.

Nolan Duino

Nolan started HEMA in 2014 and has become a fixture at SoCal Swords. While primarily focused on German longsword, he brings an understanding of concepts from across different treatises to his instruction, building on the core techniques between styles that provide insight into their application.

Trevor Amspaugh

Bio coming soon!