Classes now available for ages 9 through 12!

Join us and discover the art of swordfighting! SoCal Swords offers a unique experience that blends history, fitness, and fun. Our classes hone skills such as agility, balance, and coordination, along with the excitement of wielding a sword. Based in historical manuscripts dating back to the 1300s, our curriculum is taught by instructors with over a decade of experience in HEMA.

Class Structure

Our classes start with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a lesson on the fundamentals of swordfighting, and end with an engaging activity that reinforces the day’s lesson. We prioritize respect and safety, teaching our students to honor not just the sword but also their coach and fellow classmates. All necessary training equipment is provided in class, eliminating the need for additional purchases. Youth classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, unless otherwise noted on our calendar.

Our Instructors

At SoCal Swords, we share a passion for swords that began in childhood, fueled by video games, cartoons, and novels. Our instructors continue to embrace this passion while delving into historical sources and competing in tournaments all over the world. Your child's safety is our priority, so all of our instructors have received training from SafeSport®.

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Choose which plan below works best for you. Our punchcards never expire, which is ideal if attending two or fewer classes per month. We also have membership plans for either one (Basic) or two (Premium) classes per week, billed monthly. If you have any questions that aren't covered in our FAQ, or need financial assistance, please reach out to us. We'd love to work with you to get your child started with HEMA.