Synthetic 1796 Saber


Only 3 pieces in stock!

The 1796 saber by Blackfencer features a simple d-shaped guard, curved blade, and cord-wrapped grip. This size and shape of saber is versatile and can be used in a variety of saber systems. It’s also suitable for hard HEMA sparring.

38” Overall Length (Including Curve)
32” Blade Length (Including Curve)
4.5” Handle Length
5” Point of Balance
~1 lb 9 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jesse Levine

great balance, great feel, I wish more synthetic sword varieties were available so I could purchase them

Victor Dang
Light Cavalry Saber

I bought this expecting it to be the infantry one, but they actually had the light cavalry one in stock instead! I still made the purchase and love the handling. It is more tip heavy as constructed, so less nimble than other fencing sabers. I find it as a great way to strengthen my wrists.

Everblade Academy
Heavy calvary saber

Its so awesome. The club loves it they call it "the choppy boi"

Bruk Sproul

Fantastic construction and very durable,
Blade has good flex for the thruster be safe but not floppy to be hard to defend with,
Balance was excellent and in the proper place,
Handle is comfortable and indexed well,
Guard is solid and has no snags but there’s some weird spots the the metal from the build but nothing major just aesthetic,

All in all highly recommend for beginner or intermediate saber or just for fun!
Thanks SoCal!

Stephen Kenny

Synthetic 1796 Saber