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Wukusi Cobra Fencing Mask

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The high end, high-protection fencing mask you have been waiting for. The integrated overlay and back of the head protection offer higher than average impact resistance and force distribution. Internally the suspension is tough, and there is more padding than a standard fencing mask. The rear of the mask opens to allow you to slide your head in, then closes back up to fully envelope the head.

The hits to the plastic are a little more noisy than being hit on a padded overlay, and there is obviously less ventilation. In our testing, this is a small price to pay for the increased protection. Plus you'll look like one of those TV bad guys! ;)

Sizing: Measure around your chin, in front of the ears, and straight over the top of your head, full circle. If you're in between sizes, we recommend going with the larger size. Internal pads are designed to be removed if you cannot squeeze into your given size.

Small: 56-60 cm / 22-23.6 inches
Medium: 61-64 cm / 24-25.2 inches
Large: 65-69 cm / 25.6-27.2 inches
X-Large: 70-76 cm / 27.5-30 inches

Customer Reviews

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Gilbert Gordon

A great piece of protective gear. I have no issues with this fencing mask.

Marilyn Wardlow
Nice helmet

I wanted something more than a standard fencing mask. I needed one with a nice back since I do SCA cut and thrust. This helmet fits the bill. The helmet arrived nicely and fit absolutely perfectly. It moves well. While I have not fought in the hottest AZ day, I will take the extra protection for my head any day.

Pablo Alberto Vargas
A very sturdy mask that feels lighter than most and protects better than most

I had the pleasure of shopping with RJ this january, and this was among the things that I bought. I was looking for a mask for competition and training, and after using it a couple times I can say that this is indeed one of the better masks I've had. I've used previously an AF one and a Red Dragon one, and while they are perfectly OK masks of their own that improve a lot when using the extra leather covers to protect the back of the head, this Wukusy Armory cobra mask functions more like a proper helmet and is comparatively lighter than the previous masks I have owned. It also fits me quite well and moves with my head better than the other masks, so it is easier to turn my head a bit to the sides without losing too much peripheral vision.

The inside padding as others have commented helps to lessen the blows received a bit, and what I liked the most was that the geometry of the mask seems to help with the glancing and scalping blows, deflecting them a bit better than the standard mask and avoiding it getting stuck in the cover and jerking your head back, which already happened to me once while training and it is not fun... it happened while wearing this mask for the first time and while the hit did jerk me back a bit, but by no means was like the previous experience and I can confidently say that just for that this was a good acquisition for me and money well spent, after all our own health and safety is priceless, taking into account that we do practice a combat sport.

I would recommend to check carefully when taking your measurement, since I had the fortune of measuring it instore and the Large model fit me perfectly so I have no trouble with it being too loose or too tight.

I would also like to reaffirm the comments of other buyers that the helmet can be a bit hot, but after a while you don't even notice it, and sound does indeed become muffled because it lacks hearing holes, but it is a small inconvenience to avoid a potentially weak spot in the structural integrity of the plastic plate. I would also recommend that you secure the inner forehead poliurethane cushion somehow, because it can fall down and obstruct your vision in the heat of combat.

Overall, this is a very good mask/helmet, light when compared to similar alternatives, very sturdy, and when fit to form, works quite well.

Patrick Tarzi
Wukusi mask

By far the best mask I’ve ever used! I’ve taken nasty hits even to the back of head, and felt nothing really.

Vanessa Wilson
This mask is beyond ridiculous

Enough said.
I got this mask as a ridiculous impulse buy. I had nothing better to do, and I needed a new mask that could take a bit of a beating for both normal sca fencing and cut and thrust. This *thing* came in a huge box.
I felt intimidated looking at this mask. It looked like a cross between the Juggernaut and some sort of giant space insect. I’m a relatively tiny lady standing at 5”3 with a small frame, so this mask looks huge on me without my hood on.

Sooo much plastic, but I wear my linen hood over top to cover it up and make it pretty.

- your peripheral vision is GREAT, you see everything around you
- it’s not too heavy
- it’s lightweight and can take a beating
- you can actually hear things while wearing it!
- it’s not as hot as people claim for it to be, I was quite comfortable in it

- you look like a giant space bug
- putting it on makes me feel like I’m putting on a bra on my head backwards
- lots of plastic can make the helmet unsightly

I got soooo many compliments on my helmet. I fought two tournaments with it on so far after boarding a plane and flying with it in my luggage. It takes a beating and keeps going. Absolutely no regrets.