Synthetic Rapier


This rapier features a beautiful hand-made swept-hilt guard and an elegant, well-balanced blade. As a low-cost entry into rapier, or as an option to cross-spar against longswords and other blades, this is a great choice! The blade is thin and flexible, without feeling "floppy" when moving and binding against other swords.

~2 lb 3 oz
48” Overall length
44” Blade Length (From Cross)
3.5” Handle Length (5.5” with Ricasso)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sean H.
Great trainer.

I've used mine for about a year now. It's done well in regards of durability and how it preformed. I especially love the level of flex on the thrust has its very essential in my opinion to lessen the potential for injury

Jason Yoo
Exactly what I was hoping for!

These swords are well balanced and properly weighted perfect for drills and practice of any kind. I couldn’t be more satisfied

Kevin Wander
Awesome rapier, but beware the pins

If you are looking for a weapon to get into rapier fencing without breaking the bank, or are looking for a synthetic rapier to do mixed sparring with other synthetics, this rapier will serve your needs well enough. For the most part, it’s durable and stands up well to other synthetic rapiers as well as in mixed weapon sparring against heavier synthetic swords. One thing to keep in mind is the weight. It is lighter than most rapiers of the period that it is trying to replicate. But considering what you’re getting at this price, I think the sword is well worth the purchase. The only real issues I’ve had with this particular sword are the pins that hold the blade in the hilt.

After the first two sparring sessions I had with it, I noticed that the pin on the cross guard had started to come loose and move free of its holding. This was an easy fix. After some light taps with a hammer, the pin was back in place. But it is something to watch out for during use.