Synthetic Longsword


This is the sword that started it all for many of us. With no fancy rings or decorations, this basic longsword is about one thing: training! Use it on your pell or use it on your friend (who is hopefully not also your pell). There is ample length on the handle to fit a pair of heavy fighting gloves, without being overly long. They handle like any good longsword, nimble but with a presence to the blade.

49” overall length
37.5” blade length
8”+ handle length
2.5” from cross point of balance


Customer Reviews

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elijah stocker

Synthetic Longsword


This sword is rad as heck. Feels great in the hand, balanced well and the wrap is lovingly done.

Jonathan Pyles
Worth the investment!

A big step up from the Coldsteel stuff I was used to. Balanced more like a real sword. While it was heavier than my other trainers (just under 3 lbs), the balance point is only about 2 inches down the blade, so it's extremely maneuverable and less tiring than weapons half the weight.

It's true the blade does have a tendency to take a set, but it's as easy to rectify as it is to cause. Storing it vertically avoids it, and I've found that a tall guitar stand can do the trick.

It's tough to damage, but not overly aggressive on impact. The blade is a good compromise between flexibility for safety, and rigidity for proper binding and control. Due to the flexibility and the hilt-heavy balance, I would not recommend trying a full murder stroke, as it will wobble all over the place during the swing and will hit way harder than is safe for sparring. The blade is grippy enough to grab during a grapple, but it's quite slippery for a bind.

Have only had it for a couple of weeks, but am loving it so far. Not sure about long-term durability, but it handles beautifully.

Benjamin Means
Synthetic Longsword

The feel is really balanced and the construction is very sturdy. So far I love it.

Agustín Herrera Fernández
Nice Sword

Excellent sword, good grip and handles perfectly. However, the blade is a little bent, I guess because of the trip.

That can happen from time to time in transit, the good news is they're always straighten-able, and we include instructions with every sword for how to do so!