Synthetic Longsword


This is the sword that started it all for many of us. With no fancy rings or decorations, this basic longsword is about one thing: training! Use it on your pell or use it on your friend (who is hopefully not also your pell). There is ample length on the handle to fit a pair of heavy fighting gloves, without being overly long. They handle like any good longsword, nimble but with a presence to the blade.

49” overall length
37.5” blade length
8”+ handle length
2.5” from cross point of balance


Customer Reviews

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Devon Lovelace

Synthetic Longsword

Good Choice

First synthetic owned, second used so this isn't the most informed.

The colored blade makes it hard to discern edge alignment without a mirror, but it's just barely manageable with the reflection from my microwave.

Balance is ~2-2.5" forward of the quillon.

Weight is slightly heavier than the synthetic I've been using in class, so the extra strength training was a pleasant surprise.

The handle has enough space for use with the cowhide work gloves I bought and I still have a little room to spare, but I haven't tried it with proper protective gloves yet so I'm not sure how it will turn out. I have high hopes though.

Overall, definitely recommended.

Joshua Taylor
Good Sword

Sword bonk good, sword no break

Benjamin Smith

I meant to write a review earlier this year when I was sent the longsword. The owner is exceptional at response and customer service. It arrived perfect, no warping. I'm 5'10 and weight barely 120lbs and this feels like an extension, moves quick! I am more than pleased by the quality of Blackfencer and service provided by SoCal Swords.
-Benjamin Smith

Sean H.
A weapon done well.

It handles fantastically. Well balanced. It's great for the price point and as a daily use weapon for drills.