Synthetic Gym Saber


This light and agile saber is great for later-period sources. Featuring a large guard to help protect the fingers and a blade with a gentle curve, this sword is a ton of fun to train with! Remember that the lighter the blade, the more flexible and nimble the sword. On the other hand, you'll feel the lack of weight and strength when fighting against one of our other models of synthetic saber. This blade is arguably the closest we have to a synthetic sport fencing saber, while still having HEMA characteristics.

Customer Reviews

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Josephine Chen
Well made and beautifully designed

This is a gift to my son. He was so happy with it. He plays almost everyday. He told me the sword has a right center of balance, and he approached how it looks too. Thank you.

Very cheap

For the money I expected something professional looking. It's like a cheap toy.

Hey David,

I'm sorry that the look of the sword is not up to your standards. These are extremely durable trainers at a very affordable price for the level abuse that they are able to withstand. I also thought that our pictures were pretty clear in showing what you are receiving when ordering, as we photograph the swords that we ship, not a specific example model. You are welcome to return your order for a full refund if that is what you would prefer, just email us at to start that process.


Perfect Training Saber

This is a perfect gym saber for someone who wants a quality training tool but either isn't ready to spend more on a steel saber (or deal with the maintenance) or wants a lighter sword to build up strength and endurance. It's light, but not too light. Balance feels good, plenty of flexibility, etc. I liked it so much, I just bought three more!

Michael Tucker
It slaps

Best synthetic gym saber I have used. It is great for tech work and for when you don't want to full kit. Weight and balance are close enough. Highly recommend. Perfect for newbies.