Synthetic Cup-Hilt Rapier XL


The long version of the cup hilt features that same durable and safe hilt design coupled with a longer blade and heavier pommel (for balance). This blade is more appropriate for later-period rapier sources, or for the tall fencers out there. The blade is durable and flexible to allow for years of sparring.

~2 lb 7 oz
50” Overall Length
43.5” Blade Length (From Cross)
3” Handle Length (5.5” with the space in the cup)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Senora Lowe
Not what I expected or desired, low quality.

Firstly, the sword arrived in a box with zero packing materials to keep it safe in transit. The sword already had a slight bend like it had been used in practice. The cup hilt is covered in marks and scratches and corrosion! The welding looks horrendous, I'm scared its going to break during my first sparring session. Very disappointed with the purchase. Only reason I do not want to return it is because Socal has zero of this item left in stock, so I can't get another one. Black Fencer products are hard to find due to their popularity and Socal is one of the few carriers in the states. I'm so sad, I wish I could do an exchange. I wouldn't recommend purchasing from here.

Evan Ostrem
Beautiful sword

Works perfectly. Flexes well, handles great in the hand, and it’s gorgeous. 10/10, highly recommend.

Devon Lovelace

Synthetic Cup-Hilt Rapier XL


Absolutely gorgeous. 10/10.