"Michael" Heavy Clamshell Gloves


What a time to do HEMA! These low-profile mittens by CHFG offer incredible protection AND dexterity. A combo we thought was impossible is finally a reality!

Right out of the box these gloves offer more mobility than any other mitten glove we have used before, which only increases as you break them in further. The fully enclosed thumb provides a high level of protection while the overlapping plates on the knuckles protect against those hits you somehow failed to parry. The plates are also low profile enough to fit in most saber hilts, bucklers, or other spots you can generally cram a heavy glove into.

Every set of gloves comes in a carrying bag and includes replacement parts, with more parts available by request.

For sizing, measure around the palm and the width across the fingers (when gently touching each other), then refer to the sizing listed below:

drawing of a hand with a tape measuring the size

Large: Width around palm 23 cm / 9 inches or less, finger width 8 cm / 3.15 inches
X-Large: Width around palm 23 cm / 9 inches or more, finger width 8-9 cm / 3.15 to 3.54 inches

Customer Reviews

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These are the best gloves I've ever owned.


Impeccable protection, secure but not cramped fit, great thumb design and finger-mitten design. [Full disclosure: the XLs fit me personally where the regulars did not, hence why I bought two pairs, but the clubmate who now has the regulars is also fond of them.]

I’m a definite fan of the singular plate for the fingertips where other designs would have two, as it minimises risk of blades slipping between plates. This is not a long-term use review, but the reduced complexity versus the sister product Gabriels is one of the attractive points to me in terms of repairs and maintenance.

Overall, a definite upgrade over some other mitten / clamshell designs and a purchase I’m content with.


Haven't even sparred more than 10 times in these, and already the leather between the back of the hand, and thumb adjoining the plastic shells has torn. Utterly disappointed.

Safe and excellent

Very impressed after about a month of use. Very tight for the first few uses, but the leather glove insert has since loosened up quite a bit and become comfortable. I popped one of the stitches connecting the leather glove to the casing, but should be able to sew it back on easily, does not significantly effect function. Provides a lot of protection, but gives more dexterity than most other clamshells, while still fitting into many of my other weapon guards.

Vincentio R.
Damn Fine Sparring Gloves

Wanted the Gabriel model, but it was suggested based on my skill level that my hands would still get sniped-- hence this purchase. Has held up to hand-sniping and harder hits as well as any SPES pair, if not better. The near-complete thumb cap has saved more times than I care to admit. Damn fine purchase, excellent shipping time.