"Michael" Heavy Clamshell Gloves


What a time to do HEMA! These low-profile mittens by CHFG offer incredible protection AND dexterity. A combo we thought was impossible is finally a reality!

Right out of the box these gloves offer more mobility than any other mitten glove we have used before, which only increases as you break them in further. The fully enclosed thumb provides a high level of protection while the overlapping plates on the knuckles protect against those hits you somehow failed to parry. The plates are also low profile enough to fit in most saber hilts, bucklers, or other spots you can generally cram a heavy glove into.

Every set of gloves comes in a carrying bag and includes replacement parts, with more parts available by request.

For sizing, measure around the palm and the width across the fingers (when gently touching each other), then refer to the sizing listed below:

drawing of a hand with a tape measuring the size

Large: Width around palm 23 cm / 9 inches or less, finger width 8 cm / 3.15 inches
X-Large: Width around palm 23 cm / 9 inches or more, finger width 8-9 cm / 3.15 to 3.54 inches

Customer Reviews

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Safe, comfortable, cool

Great heavy gauntlets. I do a lot of work with my hands, so I wanted something sturdy to minimize risk of finger or wrist injuries, and the Michaels fit the bill perfectly. They're really quite comfortable once the leather breaks in, and I find the "hoof" format of the leather mitten to be a good middle ground. Personally, I enjoy the more armored look that these have over the the lobster claw look that other heavy gloves tend to go for as well, so the looks are killer.
RJ was an immense help when I screwed up my order too, and I highly recommend SoCal swords for their thorough and personal customer service.

Scott Matthew Riopel
Great gloves, comfortable and protective.

Extreme comfort combined with the best protection that I’ve experienced from clamshells.

Christopher kullman
Excellent protection

Love these , excellent protection and a surprising amount of mobility. Only complaint is the mitten is alil narrow and fingers feel slightly crowded but that's my only complaint.

Great in Almost Every Way Except Quality Control

If both my gauntlets were built the same it'd be a 5 out of 5, but unfortunately my left gauntlet wasn't built to the same standard as the right.

The left knuckle plate doesn't flex and extend properly and gets stuck in either a closed fist or open fist position. I have to force it open or closed. This means when I grab the sword handle I'm squeezing to keep the fist closed unless I lock it into a closed fist position which then eliminates some dexterity in the left hand.

My left gauntlet is a bit of a lemon but outside of that particular issue they really are fantastic, the inner glove fits amazingly and the hoof style of the inner glove allows for reasonable dexterity.

Even with this strange issue with my left gauntlet, I actually still do very much recommend them such as they are. I did just get them brand new, so I'm just speaking to the initial impressions of course.


These are the best gloves I've ever owned.