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Our HEMA gear bag is designed to fit all of your training equipment. The bag includes two internal Velcro straps to keep your swords together, while the outside features two zippered pockets and padded backpack-style straps. This bag should be able to fit all of your gear if very carefully packed, but we recommend not packing your jacket so that it can dry out more easily.

Customer Reviews

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Charles Martinez
Gear bag

Been waiting for this and finally got it. Have 2 synthetic’s, a steel feder and a steel messer plus a jacket in the main compartment and I have a cleaning kit in one of the compartments and snacks. Still has room and can be worn like a backpack. Plus the top can open if you have any longer weapons you wanna fit. Took it to a tournament and works great. Especially for the price can’t be beat! Get it!!

Fritz Gick
Works like a charm - especially if you walk to practice

I used to strain my neck with the duffle bags I would use to carry my gear to practice, now I just have the bag and it is 10 times more comfortable. I fit all of my hema gear including 2 longswords in here. The only thing that doesn't fit with all the rest of my gear is my big fencing jacket, which I just mount on the top. Stop using your duffle bags and get this bag, worth every penny.

The bag itself is great, but some of the smaller things should be checked for quality.

First of all, I love the bag itself. It saw me through a tournament, had just enough gear pockets to make moving things around much less of a hassle. It protected my swords, which was great. However, when I went to pull it from the van on day #3, I heard a pop. One of the toggles for the backpack straps had burst. I didn't have much in it at the time; my longsword, my saber, and my arming sword and buckler. While that's definitely a replaceable piece, it was a little upsetting. Make sure you have spare buckles before you go somewhere the bag is needed! Other than that, I think it's a perfectly fine sword bag.

That can happen with a heavy load in the bags. We have worked with the manufacturer to upgrade the buckles on the next batch to be steel and be able to handle more weight.

If you'd like a refund, please email us at to begin that process.

James Downey

Gear Bag

Amazingly big bag!!

This bag is HUGE! It fits my daughter’s long sword, her helmet, chest protector, shin guards, elbow/knee pads, gorget, gloves and STILL has room for much much more. The construction is top-notch, and the price was AMAZING. SUPER fast shipping. Thank you!!!