Grommet Leathercraft

Grommet Leathercraft Buckler

Color: Brown

*Now with leather-wrapped handle, for your comfort!*

This leather-rimmed buckler features a simple but beautiful design. The leather edge means that strikes are far less percussive, and in our testing the leather is durable enough for full intensity HEMA sparring, though we recommend keeping heavy impacts to a minimum to lengthen the life of your leather. The handle is simple and close to the boss, but wrapped in leather for grip and comfort.

12” Diameter
3” of Leather Around Boss!
5” Handle Length
2.25” Boss Depth
~2 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jessie Allen

Perfectly fine construction, so no complaints yet on usability. A little disappointed in the quality upon arrival, however. The leather had several small stains/scuffs and the metal center had a few rust patches I had to try to buff out.

Wow, we are so sorry to hear that! We keep them in their protective bags prior to shipment, so maybe those were from the manufacturer. If you'd like a replacement, we would be happy to work with you on that. If not, we hope it lasts you for years to come!

Not for sparing with steel

very light and responsive, but without a protective rim it will not hold up against steel weapons. I tested a light impact on the rim basically letting a kvetun arming sword drop from about 8 inches and it went about a 1/4 inch into the buckler. I would expect a reasonably powered strikes in sparring to chew this up quickly. For any activity where you can prevent taking blows on the edge this buckler is completely fantastic.

Thanks for the feedback! We have one of these that we use in hard steel sparring pretty regularly, and while the edge has dents and scratches, it has held up surprisingly well.

Jordan McNew
Beautiful and light

Very well made and very sturdy. Holds up fairly well against synthetic weapons, but could definitely be improved by a riveted leather or steel rim. Handle is flat and a bit difficult to hold.

Maya Carter
Basically perfect!

Amazing quality but the flat metal bar you grab isn't as ergonomic as a cylindrical one. Otherwise perfect!