Ensifer Redd (Long)


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The highest-end option from Ensifer, the Redd feders offer a special ultra-high durability cord, accents on the guard and pommel, and the highest level of fit and finish available from the Polish smith. You know your sword will last, and you know you'll be looking at it during every single class, you might as well look at a beautiful blade! The long models offer both a longer blade and handle to provide all the space and length that you could need.

"After 70+ HEMA tournament matches and 5+ years of consistent club sparring, my Ensifer is still going strong! If you're looking for durability, my recommendation will always be Ensifer." - Rachel van Dyke, SoCal Swords Instructor

"I used Ensifer blades for my entire competitive career, and my first sword from 2012 is still going strong!" - Sean Franklin, SwordSTEM

"To the best of my knowledge IFG/Indes has had over 30 Ensifers and I've never seen one fail catastrophically. They all just age out after developing rattles at the hilt after several years." - Joe Colistro, Lead Instructor IFG

"Jake's had nothing but Ensifer heavies, and usually passed them on to someone else who used them a year or two longer. The shortest lived was 4 years, and I think that one died to our sword-breaker who's done in about four feders now." - Brandi Lynn, HEMA Participant

"Ensifers don’t break... they break people..." - Jack Gassman, HEMA instructor and highly decorated international longsword fighter

Ensifer blades carry a warranty against breakage for 1 year from purchase, to be determined by the manufacturer.

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Michael Martin
Ensifer Redd

Fantastic sword. Very durable. Balanced for great cuts. Thick edges for better bind presence. Also one of the most beautiful feder schwert I've ever seen. Shout out to RJ who delivered the sword to me at CombatCon in time for my first match.