Ensifer KRON 2020 (Long)


The legendary Polish feder featuring several aesthetic tweaksWith a comfortable waisted grip and faceted pommel, this is all the durability and handling that you've come to love from Ensifer, with a little style thrown on top. These handle almost identically to the Coronas, but have a flair all their own. The "long" model has both a longer blade and handle if you enjoy a little extra reach (or space for your hands), while still retaining fantastic balance and movement.

~53” overall length
39.5” blade length
10.25”+ handle length
~3.5” from cross point of balance

"After 70+ HEMA tournament matches and 5+ years of consistent club sparring, my Ensifer is still going strong! If you're looking for durability, my recommendation will always be Ensifer." - Rachel van Dyke, SoCal Swords Instructor

"I used Ensifer blades for my entire competitive career, and my first sword from 2012 is still going strong!" - Sean Franklin, SwordSTEM

"To the best of my knowledge IFG/Indes has had over 30 Ensifers and I've never seen one fail catastrophically. They all just age out after developing rattles at the hilt after several years." - Joe Colistro, Lead Instructor IFG

"Jake's had nothing but Ensifer heavies, and usually passed them on to someone else who used them a year or two longer. The shortest lived was 4 years, and I think that one died to our sword-breaker who's done in about four feders now." - Brandi Lynn, HEMA Participant

"Ensifers don’t break... they break people..." - Jack Gassman, HEMA instructor and highly decorated international longsword fighter

Ensifer blades carry a warranty against breakage for 1 year from purchase, to be determined by the manufacturer.

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Excellent quality, a little on the stiffer side!