Blackfencer Gear Bag

This spacious and durable gear bag made by Blackfencer offers a large main compartment as well as a side mounted sword pocket. Internally it is padded and has a small zippered pocket to keep your maintenance gear. We managed to fit over 20 swords in it that we took to SoCal Swordfight to sell at our booth, however we wouldn't recommend doing this on a regular basis, as it's too much weight for any soft bag.

The bag is deep enough to fit a fencing mask into as well as your jacket. It's deceivingly large :)


-A side handle for horizontal/diagonal transportation.
-Two backpack handles for vertical transportation.
-A special compartment in the upper side for swords, away from the sweaty equipment to avoid rusting.
-A big main compartment inside for any kind of equipment, including two adjustable bands for additional swords.
-A special pocket inside for any kind of small object, including gloves.


Upper compartment: 139 cm. length x 30 cm. width.
Main compartment: 144 cm. length x 36 cm. width.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nick Yehl
Bigger than it looks

I got this bag thinking it was a smaller size. Imagine my surprise when the bag shows up and it can fit basically all my gear in it. Swords included. It's very roomy and has a seperate area for you'd steel weapons so your gear sweat doesn't get on them and make them all rusty. Overall really great buy.

Jonathan Allen
Great design, poor build quality.

I've only used the bag 4 times, lightly to moderately loaded, and two straps are already tearing off. I don't know if it's bad stitching or bad thread, but I need to sew them back on.

Maybe in the next redesign add some rivets like they use on blue jeans?

Aside from that it's been great. It can comfortably hold a staff, longsword, and sidesword while still looking mostly empty. The internal straps securely hold my sheaths in place, making me feel better about air travel. (Though I wouldn't say no to a hard shell of the same size.)