Synthetic Danish Two-Handed Sword


This is a true “two-handed” sword, with both oversized handle and longer blade. With the cross turned up at each tip and the intentional blunting of the ricasso, this blade could be used for both armored and unarmored combat alike.

56” Overall Length
42” Blade Length
12” Handle Length
14” Cross Width
4.5” Point of Balance
~3 lb 8 oz

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Jonathan Allen
Meyer fencers will love this.

Most longswords, even "XL", aren't close to the length the illustrations call for. Alex Bourdas estimated that your height x 0.83 is the average length in Meyer, or 0.59 for the blade alone.

For me the blade is dead on and the handle, though a little short, still leaves a good spread between the hands.

Meyer's plays, especially in chapter 11, share just as much with the montante as it does with the shorter KDF tradition. So a longer sword that just wants to keep moving, while not being too heavy to quickly change directions, makes learning the material much easier.

I would love this length with a schilt option, but if I really needed it I could make one from leather.