Synthetic Feder


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Go to a HEMA event anywhere in the world, and you will see one of these. There's a reason: They are simply the best synthetic feders that money can buy. They are exceptionally durable, safe to thrust with, and handle like a good sword should. This is by far our #1 selling item, and we always have more of them on order.

49” overall length
37.5” blade length
8.5” handle length
2” from cross point of balance

Customer Reviews

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Adam Mitchell

Great synthetic Feder right here. The only thing I see as being "off" is the grind-work on the synthetic blade itself. Its definitely not even and makes the blade look bent if one looks down the blade along the edge, that is, with the edge facing up. Other than that it handles well and feels good in the stroke. The grind-work is an issue with Black Fencer, I would assume.

Dat Tran
What a great sword!

Great balance of weight and beautiful design. I love training with this

Chey French

Synthetic Feder

Sean H.
Awesome weapon!

Well worth the money. Used heavily for about 2 years now and have loved every second of it. Still holds well even after the test of time.

Henry Zheng

The feder was great! As someone who would consider themselves quite physically weak, the sword was light enough for me to use, but heavy enough to help me buildup strength. The finish of the sword could have been better, as the metal wasn't smooth and the blade had some discoloration. The handle was abrasive at first. However, after only a week, my hands got naturally tough enough so that it didn't hurt anymore. The sword is tough, reliable, and has just the right amount of flexibility. I purchased this sword because of Skallagrim's recommendation, and I can clearly see why he liked it.