Synthetic Feder


Go to a HEMA event anywhere in the world, and you will see one of these. There's a reason: They are simply the best synthetic feders that money can buy. They are exceptionally durable, safe to thrust with, and handle like a good sword should. This is by far our #1 selling item, and we always have more of them on order.

49” overall length
37.5” blade length
8.5” handle length
2” from cross point of balance

Customer Reviews

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Adithya Radhakrishnan
Awesome practice feder

Incredible balance and build quality!

Casey Kaster
Love it

Where do I start?
This is my first blade purchase of any sort, and it blew me away straight out of the box. It's weighted well, has appropriate flex so I don't accidentally impale my brother, as well as being rounded at the tip. The blade itself is hefty and sturdy, and it's held up in perfect condition for just over a year now. The metal cross guard and pommel do need to be oiled and polished every now and then or they'll start to oxidize and get spots on them, but you should have to more than once every couple months or so. That's all described on a slip you get with the sword though.

All in all, it performs well, not too heavy, not too light, extremely sturdy and well made, and very pretty for a synthetic sword, aside from a couple machining marks on the cross guard.

James Marsh

I am new to HEMA and needed something to practice with. This trainer is well balanced, easy to work with and pretty cool looking too. Well worth the price and it allows me to practice without a bigger investment of cash

I'm going to be buying more merchandise from this site, I think. Maybe a sidesword next

Zachary Wilder

Synthetic Feder


Love it. The color of the wrap is nice too.