Steel Blunt Longsword


Blackfencer's blunt longsword features a durable, full-width blade, with appropriate flex for sparring and a thick tip for safer thrusting. We offer a variety of hilt shapes that all feature the same blunt sword blade.

Note: The price of some hilt configurations vary.

Weight range is typically 3 lb 4 oz to 3 lb 8 oz
50.5” Overall Length
38” Blade Length
10.5 “ Handle Length
~3” Point of Balance

Customer Reviews

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Mike Willis
Absolutely awesome!

This sword is one of my favorite new toys! I will be honest, I ordered it as kinda a "well, I need one, and this one is available, and I don't want to wait forever for a custom sword, and they have it on hand, so why not" sword. I wasn't expecting much, just a functional steel sword so I wouldn't have to keep borrowing the Instructors.
And man, did I ever underestimate what I was going to receive!
The quality of this sword is AMAZING! Everyone at my HEMA class wanted to check out the sword after I wrote a review of it on our Discord.
This sword MOVES, let me tell you! The point of balance is at the largest place, about 3.5 inches from from guard, and the sword seems to spin around that point, making it just seem to fly in your hands.
Where it SOARS is in sparring. It was so beautiful, I didn't want to scratch and ding it up first, so I had one of my assistant instructors use it in sparring.
And it was like handing someone EXCALIBUR! So, most of the guys have swords from PurpleHeart, which was one place I had planned on buying from. During one sparring round, my sword came in and left a noticeable nick in the Purpleheart sword, and not much of anything on mine!
This sword is ridiculously well constructed, tough, and moves like it wants to fly!
I'm absolutely amazed by this sword, and will undoubtedly buy more!