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Wukusi Steel Federschwert (Long)


This budget-friendly steel feder from Wukusi has a ton of great features at a great price. The sword can be disassembled to upgrade to new guards, handles, pommels, or even blades, yet rarely requires tightening or adjustments due to the clever locking washer construction. The handle is a durable 3D-printed design that we have been pressure testing at SoCal Swords for over a year with great results. The guards are cast steel with enough strength to damage a blade before the guard ever bends or breaks (trust us... we tried).

Included with the feder is a hard carrying case with two sword compartments and two zippered pockets.

The default configuration of the feder comes with a black straight cross guard and rounded pommel, but there are a variety of other pommels and guards available to swap in to your sword. We will have spare blades and additional colored handles soon!

53” overall length
39.25” blade
12” handle
4.5” point of balance
~3 lb 6.5 oz weight
20 kg flexibility (just a tiny bit stiffer than our current Ensifers (they are about 19.5 kg)
Upset/thickened tip

Customer Reviews

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Paul Barolet
Excellent fusion of price and performance

I purchased this initially because it comes with a hard-shell carrying case. I have been immensely impressed with the quality and performance of this feder. It is nimble in the hands, present in the bind, effortless to maneuver, and flexible in a thrust.
I have a 1st gen VB and had an Aureus(which recently broke after ~4 years), so finding a feder with the cost of a VB and performance similar to the Aureus is fortuitous. I will be using this as my tourney feder going forward.
As for the case, it will hold pretty much and feder or other trainer that can be broken down. It has two large mesh pockets for storing items, and a soft liner. The case is great and I will be using it to carry this feder, my VB feder and arming sword, and my Castille Economy Dagger, plus oil rag, hex wrenches, and whatever else I need.
I highly recommend this feder. In fact, two of my students have already purchased this feder after trying mine.

Patrick Tarzi
The best budget feder

The Wukusi is the best budget feder for a few reasons.
The price is cheaper than regenyei and blackfencer.
The sword is made a certain way to be quite durable. I have put this sword through the wringer, and the 3D printed grip is unscathed. The guard and blade are very sturdy too. The hilt uses some locking technology to prevent the construction from coming loose. This feder definitely has a futuristic or modern aesthetic, with a model number printed on the schilt, using a modern construction and plastic grip. The grip is amazing, with a waisted grip for added traction and gothic aesthetic.
The handling is amazing too! Particularly when I am performing thumb grip techniques like the Zwerch, the sword carries its weight perfectly. I prefer this for more German style fencing over both my sigis. The long grip length definitely favors fighters like me with larger hands and glove size. The way this sword is weighted and balanced and with its length forces you to perform your meisterhau with your fully body rather than wrist, which is a good thing.
The only “con” is it is a little stiff. It is pretty on par with ensifer feders, if that helps in your determination. I’ve heard that they intend to make the blade more flexible on later models.
Lastly, you can easily upgrade and replace parts of the sword like the cross and pommel.
You should absolutely buy this feder today.