Synthetic Broadsword


These broadswords are typical of the Scottish/Highland traditions and feature a fully wrapping steel guard with turned up "blade catchers." The heavy broad blade has a deep fuller to help offset weight and provide flexibility, but be aware that these hit a little harder than the regimental style broadswords.

~2 lb 11 oz
33” blade length
4” handle length
38.5“ overall length


Customer Reviews

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Sam Minter
Best synthetic boadsword

Definitely worth the price of admission. They more adequately represent the feel of steel than lesser synthetics while being safer and kinder to training partners. If they are in stock, grab one this very instant.

James Stamper
Great Swords

These swords are great. My hands are fully protected, and when paired with some demi-gauntlets I just need a pair of thin leather gloves to protect my knuckles from the inside of the basket and to be fully protected from any blow. They are strong in the bind, with rapiers being displaced very easily. Longswords and other sabers are parried easily, too. I've been using and loaning a pair of these for over 3 years now, and have just had to fix the dented handguards once. I like using them as a pair; might not be historical, but I have fun.

collin white
well worth the price

it has great weight and balance, the steel basket does a great job of protecting your hand, though you will still want to wear a glove.
in my opinion these are the best Synthetic basket hilt swords you can get. highly recommend them.