Synthetic 1796 Saber


The 1796 saber by Blackfencer features a simple d-shaped guard, curved blade, and cord-wrapped grip. This size and shape of saber is versatile and can be used in a variety of saber systems. It’s also suitable for hard HEMA sparring.

38” Overall Length (Including Curve)
32” Blade Length (Including Curve)
4.5” Handle Length
5” Point of Balance
~1 lb 9 oz

Customer Reviews

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Russell Clements

Synthetic 1796 Saber

Al Zamudio
Great sparring Sabre

The sabre has excellent quality and have used it on light sparring a few times. Definitely a good synthetic sword

Khang Huynh
Great Quality

Everything from the guard to the blade are sturdily constructed. The guard is wide enough to fit my sparring glove mittens, and the curved blade seems more resistant to warping than its straight-edged counterparts.

Devon Lovelace
Holds up to the name

Every review I’ve seen has called blackfencer products virtually indestructible and this saber is no different we’ve put this bad mama through the ringer and she doesn’t even have any scratches yet

Kobe Talamantez
Excellent Sabre

I purchased this sabre a couple of months ago, and it was a huge improvement from my older sabre. It handles well and is built very strong. However, the one I received had a few dark spots on the guard - unsure from what, but it looked like something from welding, again unsure since I'm not a weapons manufacturer. Secondly, recently the pin attaching the hilt to the tang has started coming loose, which is a bit of pestilence. Every time I spar I have to beat the pin back inside of it's casing. I think I'm going to retire that old sabre and buy a new Blackfencer synthetic when they arrive. Apart from those 2 little issues, the sword is better than any other I've owned. The image is my Blackfencer sabre next to my old purpleheart armory one.

Thanks for the feedback! The dark spots are a by-product of the manufacturing process. These are hand-assembled and there can be blemishes on the guard/blade. Rest assured these are cosmetic issues alone.

The pin falling out could be alleviated by removing the pin, applying epoxy to the pin hole, and reinserting it, or finding a slightly larger pin.

If you buy a second one, it'll be great to have a matched pair to fight with!