Synthetic 1459 Messer


This style of messer is characterized by its lack of false edge (or at least, an obvious false edge). The unique triangular shape of the blade also allows for some unique binding opportunities that straight, parallel blades don’t often present. These blades have enough flexibility for sparring, with the ring-shaped nagel providing additional protection.

37.5” Overall Length
28” Blade
8” Handle
4.5” Point of Balance
~1 lb 13 oz

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Bearce
Pretty good :)

It is a very well balanced, pretty well made, good looking practice sword. Haven't had a chance to spar with it yet but I have high hopes and confidence that it will hold up well. I love the pommel shape and shape of the guard. I'm highly likely to buy another sword from you guys when you restock in 2035! Jk haha. Thanks so much guys.

We've got constant orders in progress by Blackfencer and other distributors, something most people don't understand is that most of this stuff is still pretty hand-made. The cord is wrapped by hand, the rapier guards are bent and welded by hand, etc etc. So it takes longer than mass-produced options, but we think it's worth it for the quality!