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Steel Smallsword


This smallsword is constructed using fittings made by Zen Warrior Armory and blades from Absolute Fencing. Every smallsword comes with a complimentary Absolute Fencing protective tip/cap. 

Customer Reviews

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Stanley Putnam

Great looking sword, stood up to training and drills in my HEMA class. Quick service and delivery.

Nicholas Baldwin
Adequate for the price/time

Sword arrived on time, packaged nicely. For the amount you're paying, I feel satisfied. The hilt is comprised of ZWA parts, and they don't fit together exactly right. The handle is off-center and crooked, the "ricasso" area of the furniture is clearly not meant to match this shell/shield and appears awkward.

However, it IS very sturdy, and with a light glove on and a proper hold, most of that kind of goes away. It feels fine to fence with.

You probably won't do much better for this price and shipped within 6 months.

Aidan Kelly
It’s beautiful

It’s been a blast to use so far for small-sword fencing. The flex is appropriate, the handle is visually appealing. The only down side is the handle came a bit loose but tightening is fairly easy. 10/10 so far.