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HF Armory Black Knight Mitten Gloves


The "new hotness" in the HEMA scene right now. Everyone is talking about them for good reason. These offer great mobility and protection with an extremely durable design. These are a fantastic upgrade to your old clamshell/mitten gauntlets, and will last you for years to come. Keep in mind that they do break in, allowing for more dexterity the more you train with them.

Here is the sizing chart from HF. Note that they do not actually produce a Medium and Large separately, they produce a M/L, despite what the chart shows.

Hand with tape measure wrapped around the palm as well as chart of sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Cliff Ritter
Love the gloves!

Love the gloves, quality seems outstanding. My only complaint is that they seem to run small… I’d recommend ordering a size up.

So far so good

I got these for Hema long sword sparring. So far I’m really happy with them. They feel well made and were comfortable right away. I bought them because they were the recommended glove by a lot of people at my local club.

They are perfect

Light and very protective gloves. Fit perfectly.

Not very Sturdy, but..

On my third day using the gauntlets I had the middle piece of the thumb protection pop off of the gloves on my right hand. My sparring partner and I do not use much force, and I barely felt the connection at all. I wasn't even aware that it had popped off until my partner told me.
I am very disappointed by this, but I do think that it may have been a defective unit. There are multiple people in my club that use HF Black Knight gloves and have for some time without any issues.
I emailed SoCal two days ago to resolve this, but they have yet to get back to me. I may want to update my review in the future but we will see.

Maria Rieske

HF Armory Black Knight Mitten Gloves