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Heavy Clamshell Gauntlets


The economy heavy glove. Developed with the input of HEMA fencers, these gloves are designed specifically for heavy fighting and tournaments. Due to the extreme level of protection and padding, they require some break-in time before they move comfortably. These gloves feature a nearly unbreakable outer shell, internal heavy padding, protection on all sides of the thumb, adjustable strapping around the wrist, and hard plates surrounding the wrist in the cuff. We don’t let our students fight in anything less protective than these.

Customer Reviews

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Good Mitts

Heavy protection. Sometimes I notice hits to the hand more by sound than feel at this point. Extra padding under the leather on the inside of the thumb in case the attack slips past the hard plastic. Incredibly stiff the first few times you put them on, but they're comfortable once they wear in.

J Aagesen
Greatly armored but leather thin

Within only 4 hours of usage a hole began to form were my left middle finger rested. This is highly disappointing since everything else about them is impressive. I’d like to get them swapped out but there isn’t any returns after sparring. The hole formed exclusively from just opening and closing the fist.

Yes, replacements and refunds are always available but you must email us at to initiate that process. The gloves certainly should not wear through like that, and we would like to make it right for you.

Sean Hildebran

Heavy Clamshell Gauntlets


Great product, comparable to spes heavy gloves, decent mobility after broke in but will feel stiff when you first get them. I genuinely prefer these over spes especially considering they feel as good as spes for a fraction of the price. The sizing chart was helpful and when it came to shipping I couldn't be happier. It's always a little slow but I had requested it shipped to a different location than I initially had on my invoice and was given exactly what I requested and promptly. Thanks for the awesome work :)

tj hinton
Heavy clamshell gloves

I found the gloves to fit well and I like the extra protection on the thumb. I get the impression that it will be easy to wear once broken in.