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Wukusi Steel Federschwert (Short)


This budget-friendly steel feder from Wukusi has a ton of great features at a great price. The sword can be disassembled to upgrade to new guards, handles, pommels, or even blades, yet rarely requires tightening or adjustments due to the clever locking washer construction. The handle is a durable 3D-printed design that we have been pressure testing at SoCal Swords for over a year with great results. The guards are cast steel with enough strength to damage a blade before the guard ever bends or breaks (trust us... we tried).

Included with the feder is a hard carrying case with two sword compartments and two zippered pockets.

The default configuration of the feder comes with a black straight cross guard and rounded pommel, but there are a variety of other pommels and guards available to swap in to your sword. We will have spare blades and additional colored handles soon!

49” overall length
37.5” blade
10” handle
3.5” point of balance
~3 lb 4 oz weight
~22 kg flexibility (a little stiffer than the long version)
Upset/thickened tip

Customer Reviews

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Richard Montgomery
Excellent quality and handling.

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend for it's size, price point and availability. The case is fantastic. After 4 months of drills and sparring 3 to 4 times a week the feder still feels great. Initially the handling of the straight cross guard wasn't to my taste but I put the smaller forward swept guard on this and the handling now feels very nice. I was worried that it would be heavy
but it's only 200 grams heavier than a Sigi light but without having to wait months to have it produced. My girlfriend put a hemp wrap on the handle and she loves her feder. I was surprised when she tried our club mates custom light Arms and Armor feder and both our club mate and my girlfriend preferred her Wukusi short. The sword generates lots of curiosity and a lot of surprised positive comments when people look at it and try it out. A very satisfying purchase and gift.

tianyang yu
nice feder

however minus points for the handle