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Absolute Fencing HEMA Mask


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This fencing mask by Absolute Fencing features 350N fabric on the bib, durable mesh, and that all-important "HEMA Black" look (unless you get an extra small, they only come in white). We recommend one of our back of the head protectors to fully shield your head and spine. Buy both together for a small discount on the overlay!

Use a flexible ruler, measuring tape, or yarn to measure your head. Starting from underneath the chin, go up the side of the head, over one ear, over the top of the head, back down the other ear, and back to under the chin to make a complete circle. (Essentially you're measuring the circumference of the part of your face that the mask will be encircling.) Make sure to keep the measuring device snug or you'll end up with a mask that's too large.

Small: 21"-23"
Medium: 24"-25"
Large: 26"-28"
XL: Over 28"

If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing down if you're wearing the mask on its own, and up if you're planning to use additional padding or a gel cap.

Note: Your mask is adjustable! If you receive your mask and are unsure if it fits, please ask your coach or an experienced teammate to help you adjust your mask before exchanging it for an alternate size. Most fencers will fit a small or medium mask.

We will exchange unused masks if they don't fit. However, the buyer is responsible for paying for shipping on exchanges.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cameron Neeki
Nice mask

The mask is a great fit and very breathable while also being perfectly protective

Zhengyang Zhu

Absolute Fencing HEMA Mask

Mason Abernathy
Fantastic quality, questionable sizing

Very durable and feels sturdy yet comfortable to wear. Quality alone would give this five stars.

However we followed the provided sizing chart, checked and double checked our measurements, yet despite my wife landing right in the middle of medium the medium we ordered slides around on her head but fits me perfectly (who measured right in the middle of large)

Nicholas Porter
Cheap and Comfortable

Provides great protection against synthetic swords, and super comfortable to wear for longer sparring matches. Very cheap for great quality.

Jack DeGrano

Absolute Fencing HEMA Mask