Safety should be everyone's first priority!

Before students are allowed to spar with each other, they must communicate their preferences with their sparring partner(s) and inform an instructor. Students should feel empowered to advocate for themselves both before and during their sparring match.

We created an acronym to make it easier to remember: SPAR-GOD


When do you reset post-hit?
• After Contact
Afterblows Allowed

Power Level

What color of intensity would you like? 
• BLUE: Slowest/lightest level. Unable to "feel" hits through jacket. 
GREEN: Average intensity when drilling. Capable of "feeling" hits through jacket.
YELLOW: Must wear full gear. "Feels" like a slap through jacket. Small/light bruising may occur through jacket.
ORANGE: Highest recommended intensity. "Feels" like a punch through jacket. Larger bruising is more common.
RED: Rarest intensity. Unrestricted for specific training. Third-party observer MUST be present. Be ready to assume a higher risk for injury, and do anything possible to avoid causing injury.


Where will you be fighting? Where is your "ring"?
• Ensure there are no safety hazards within the area.
Define your sparring area boundaries with your partner and others that may be sparring nearby and make sure it is clear of any safety hazards.


What types and levels of wrestling are allowed?
• No grappling
• Standing grapple only
• Standing takedowns
• Full wrestling
If you decide on takedowns, make sure your partner understands how to fall properly.


What gear are you both wearing? Anything off limits?
• Fencing Mask
• Back of the Head Protection
• Gorget
• Jacket
• Elbow Protection
• Gloves
• Knee Protection
• Full Leg Protection
Swords, messers, sabers, etc. must match materials. (No steel vs. synthetic.)

Other Restrictions

Have an old injury or something you want to work on?
• Example: “I need to work on defense, so can you make sure to always throw an afterblow?”
• Example: “No leg strikes please.”


What level of talking or feedback would you like during or after your match?
• No discussion 
• Discussion during or after the match
• Any discussion welcome at any time

• Anything specific you want feedback on?


Stop sparring as soon as anyone yells “HOLD!” in your direction. There may be safety issues that you cannot see.
If something really hurts, stop sparring! Take the time to assess any possible injuries before continuing.