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Wukusi Steel Federschwert (Short)


This budget-friendly steel feder from Wukusi has a ton of great features at a great price. The sword can be disassembled to upgrade to new guards, handles, pommels, or even blades, yet rarely requires tightening or adjustments due to the clever locking washer construction. The handle is a durable 3D-printed design that we have been pressure testing at SoCal Swords for over a year with great results. The guards are cast steel with enough strength to damage a blade before the guard ever bends or breaks (trust us... we tried).

Included with the feder is a hard carrying case with two sword compartments and two zippered pockets.

The default configuration of the feder comes with a black straight cross guard and rounded pommel, but there are a variety of other pommels and guards available to swap in to your sword. We will have spare blades and additional colored handles soon!

49” overall length
37.5” blade
10” handle
3.5” point of balance
~3 lb 4 oz weight
~22 kg flexibility (a little stiffer than the long version)
Upset/thickened tip

Customer Reviews

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Bevan Cottone
Great Budget Feder

I was surprised to see that Wukusi made their own swords, and since I liked the helmet so much and I was in the market for a cheap starter sword, I gave it a try. I was initially wary of the "short" moniker, but went with it because the "long" was sold out, and not too much longer in the first place (a little less than 2").

I was surprised. It handles like a dream. I have handed it off to my more senior sparring partners and instructors to check out, and like Richard said in his review, I've gotten a lot of surprised compliments. The blade looks sexy, and is stiffer than you'd expect. I've had it about 2 months now, and my first few sparring sessions brought out a lot of burrs on the edge, which was frustrating. I was breaking out my files a lot in the first few weeks, but it seems to have broken in because I can't remember the last time I had to do it (I still check before and after... safety first). When I compared it to the synthetic pentti I was using, I realized the blade was the same length, just had a shorter handle (affects handling a bit from how close your hands are, particularly in big lobster mitts and for guards like ochs that need wrist flexing). The cross guard is pretty cool, and the pommel feels nice. I was not sure I liked the cast construction of these pieces at first but it has grown on me a lot. I am very curious about the separate cross guards and pommels they sell for it. The handle is 3D printed.... I felt that this was very cheap, and was worried it would be broken easily, but honestly over time it has also grown on me. It has good grip, and my concerns of longevity have diminished (although I have not recieved a very strong strike between my hands on the handle yet, it could still crack possibly). Thinking about wrapping it to give it an extra layer of protection. Once the replacement handles are made available, depending on price, I would probably mark that as a point in its favor to be honest. It is assembled very easily, but it started to come loose a few times because I was afraid of overtightening and cracking the handle. Last time it came loose I put a little extra pepper in my allen wrench turn, a wee bit more than I thought was sufficient, but now it stays snug because of the lock washer. My only true gripe at this point is that the bag it comes in is way too spacious for one sword, and yet is not wide enough to accommodate it when assembled!!! So you have to take it apart each and every time, and then the blade just flops around in there all loose like a single pretzel stick in an empty cheese ball jar. I have a separate case I use that accommodates SEVERAL assembled swords, so it does not impact my life too much, but it is just a whole extra big thing I don't know what to do with, and it would be nice for new fencers if they could assemble it, chuck it in the bag, and roll out, instead of looking for another bag or wearing out the threads from constant reassembly.

* Blade similar length to popular synthetic trainers
* Looks Sleek
* Stiff enough to keep your point in the right spot
* Low price point
* Good handling
* Official accessory support

* Short feder has a short handle, which might make some guards harder, particularly in heavy gloves.
* The supplied bag sucks at being a sword bag
* 3D printed handle could be breaking point, no replacements available for sale just yet
* While nice in some cases, stiffness results in some mighty rude bruises on your partners from thrusts

Nice sword. Surprising quality for price and construction materials. Excellent option for first time steel owners on a budget.

Richard Montgomery
Excellent quality and handling.

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend for it's size, price point and availability. The case is fantastic. After 4 months of drills and sparring 3 to 4 times a week the feder still feels great. Initially the handling of the straight cross guard wasn't to my taste but I put the smaller forward swept guard on this and the handling now feels very nice. I was worried that it would be heavy
but it's only 200 grams heavier than a Sigi light but without having to wait months to have it produced. My girlfriend put a hemp wrap on the handle and she loves her feder. I was surprised when she tried our club mates custom light Arms and Armor feder and both our club mate and my girlfriend preferred her Wukusi short. The sword generates lots of curiosity and a lot of surprised positive comments when people look at it and try it out. A very satisfying purchase and gift.

tianyang yu
nice feder

however minus points for the handle