Steel Feder


Now updated with hardened steel cross to upgrade the durability of these feders further! The steel feder from Blackfencer fits into the category of "long" feders, but balances like a much smaller, lighter sword. Engineered with a beefy crossguard, a durable cord-wrapped handle, and a unique schilt shape, this affordable feder is a great entry into the world of steel fighting and should serve you well in the club or in a tournament.

Customer Reviews

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Bill Cundiff

It's possible to spend much more on a feder and it's possible to get a poor quality feder at lower price points, but i am very pleased with this one. I'm not an experienced fencer but it is comfortable and balanced, the crossguard and hilt are solidly constructed. I've passed it around our club and everyone agreed this is a good value. A couple of ppl said it's a little on the stiff side but just a bit.

Valuable Feder, Great Customer Service

I got this feder back in August, and I was lucky enough to receive it within a week of placing my order. Incredibly nimble, stands up great against the Regenyeis and Sigis my clubmates have. Lovely and unique schilt. Very affordable! When I first received it, I had a small concern (more of a question than an issue really) about a noise it was making. I posted my question on Reddit, and RJ McKeehan of SCS actually reached out to me explaining his take and offering to replace it! After a few months of usage, I remain incredibly pleased with this purchase and admire the team at SCS.

John Knoch
Solid feder for a budget price!

While this is an extremely affordable feder, the quality and performance is well beyond its price point. From the flared tip and elegant schilt to its waisted cord-wrapped grip, its a gorgeous and functional piece. Great flex, but still good presence in the bind. Probably the best feder I've used in this price bracket.