Synthetic Feder


Only 1 piece in stock!

Go to a HEMA event anywhere in the world, and you will see one of these. There's a reason: They are simply the best synthetic feders that money can buy. They are exceptionally durable, safe to thrust with, and handle like a good sword should. This is by far our #1 selling item, and we always have more of them on order.

49” overall length
37.5” blade length
8.5” handle length
2” from cross point of balance

Customer Reviews

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Anwar Haikal Ruslan
Quality Federschwert

Awesome synthetic feder for practicing, drills, and sparring. Quality & construction seems good overall.

Customs was a hassle, but SoCal was not to blame. My box was ravaged too by the time it arrived to my doorstep.

Benjamin Hansen
Horrible packaging

The Sword itself is in great condition but for the price I paid I expected better packaging.. i was so stoked on ordering my sword and looking at the reviews before ordering and there was no bad reviews so I was very upset when I received my package.

Hey Benjamin,

I'm so sorry to hear that your package was damaged in transit! We send hundreds of these out a year without issue, but you never know what can happen when the box gets in the hands of shipping carriers. I'm glad that your sword arrived in good condition, and we will continue to assess box options to prevent damage in the future.


Malachi B.
6 Months in and Going Strong

After 6 months of moderate use, I can absolutely recommend these trainer swords. The balance is perfect, the nylon blade/tang is heavy duty and would last many more years of the same level of usage. The grip wrap hasn't come loose at all, and the pommel and cross guard are like the day they arrived (they are made of steel). I've used them at the beach, stuck them in the sand, gotten them wet, and whacked them together thousands of times. If you're looking for a practice sword with realistic weight and balance, this is my recommendation.

Jordan McNew
Excellent Product

I haven't gotten to use it for anything more than drills, but it hasn't rusted and sports a very nice pommel. Balance and weight make it exceptionally easy to use.

Kenneth Melton
Solid Sword

Slight bend due to delivery but was able to fix it per their instructions. Overall a good sword especially considering the price!