Synthetic 3-Bar Saber


These have the typical straighter blades. 

These synthetic sabers are perfect for later-period saber (military or otherwise). Featuring three swept bars converging at the hilt's base and a hand-forged penny end scroll on the single crossguard, you can expect more hand protection compared to the simple 1796 or 1803-style guards. The blades have an appropriate weight, balance, and flexibility for sparring or drilling.

~1 lb 14 oz weight
33“ blade length
4.5” handle length
39” overall length 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The sword is effective for its purpose and very well made.

Jakub Kalina
Feels good in the hand.

Just like some of the sabers my club has. Exactly what I needed.

Courtney Kolb

These are really great!

Jorge Puentes
Quality Issue 3.5 stars

Everything is ok, there’s nothing broken or loose, but the quality is not what I expected. The metal has small dents and scratches. Looks as if it were used.

As for aesthetics, it’s good, but I would like it better if the separation between the bars is reduced and maybe shape the whole blocky look of the blade to a more rounded one.

Hey there, all of our items are shipped in bulk from Blackfencer, and may have markings on the blade or guard when we receive them. We apologize that the looks are not up to your standards, and would be willing to refund your order if you'd like to send it back. Normally I would offer a replacement, but there is nothing different on another sword than what you received.

Aiden Wilhere
Fantastic trainer

Wonderful quality and extremely durable I highly recommend to anybody wanting to get into saber fencing