Synthetic Danzig Messer


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Messer means knife. This was the everyday man's tool, something that everyone had in their house and/or on their person during the medieval period. They served as a machete, a hunting implement, a self-defense tool--and they were great for fighting! The ring nagel on this messer provides ample protection for your dominant hand when used appropriately. If you like grappling, there is plenty of hilt here to do more complex wraps and maneuvers. We love all messers, but we especially love these.

37” overall length
27” blade length
8” handle length
4.5” from cross point of balance


Customer Reviews

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Sean J
Good Value trainer

Bit heavy, but makes it feel more like the weight of the steel messers. This style messer was also much larger than most other designs. Lovely shape, feels great, even though the grip is a bit small in diameter for my large hands, but wearing gloves rectifies that. Also barely any flex so if you thrust in sparring, you WILL have to pull the thrust so as not to hurt your partner. The purpleheart armory Pentii messers flex much more, but they dont feel as nice in the hands as the black fencers do.

I would also recommend that SoCal do a once over on the swords before sending. Mine had a metal barrel pin that holds the crossguard into the blade sticking out 1.5mm or so and VERY sharp and would absolutely have cut me if I didnt notice it on my own inspection. A quick grind with the dremel fixed that.

If you're looking for a good Messer simulator, this is a good option. I just wish SoCal also carried the Lecküchner version as well. Thats the one I really wanted and seems to be the only version of the Black Fencer Messer series they dont carry.

Hey Sean,

I'm sorry we missed the pin sticking out, we do check over items we send out, but it's possible that worked it's way lose doing transit or we simply missed it in a rush to get holiday orders out. We will redouble our efforts to check over every item sent out! We will also work on carrying the Leckuchner models as well (that is our favorite messer book at the club after all!).


Jordan McNew

Very nice quality and a very visually appealing form. It's like a bastard dagger, almost a falchion but capable of brutal two-handed strikes. It's very nice for single sword work, but a little tricky with an offhand weapon.