Wukusi Armory

Wukusi Cobra Fencing Mask


The high end, high-protection fencing mask you have been waiting for. The integrated overlay and back of the head protection offer higher than average impact resistance and force distribution. Internally the suspension is tough, and there is more padding than a standard fencing mask. The rear of the mask opens to allow you to slide your head in, then closes back up to fully envelope the head.

The hits to the plastic are a little more noisy than being hit on a padded overlay, and there is obviously less ventilation. In our testing, this is a small price to pay for the increased protection. Plus you'll look like one of those TV bad guys! ;)

Sizing: Measure around your chin, in front of the ears, and straight over the top of your head, full circle. If you're in between sizes, we recommend going with the larger size. Internal pads are designed to be removed if you cannot squeeze into your given size.

Small: 56-60 cm / 22-23.6 inches
Medium: 61-64 cm / 24-25.2 inches
Large: 65-69 cm / 25.6-27.2 inches
X-Large: 70-76 cm / 27.5-30 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Amazing helmet. Very safe, 0 complaints

Bevan Cottone
Takes a beating - very snug

Helmet is very good, worth the money imo

-cool as hell
-very protective (thinking about concussions). big gap and padding between mask and outer shell, takes impacts well without a skullcap or anything. my head hurts more from wearing it than from getting hit lol
-all in one (no fussing with overlay)
-bulky. this thing makes your head huge, i am constantly striking myself with my crossguard because i'm not used to it yet (and getting walloped by others of course)
-SNUG. in spite of the size the fit is TIGHT. i was on the lowest end of medium and it still took a lot of working/bending the mask frame to get it not to squeeze my mouth shut. consider adding an extra inch or two to your circumference when checking size chart
-hard to don. also took some adjusting because you have to fight the velcro strap, the clip, and the sliding back plate to get your head in. i end up disconnecting the elastic retainer, donning, then reconnecting it so the plate isn't fighting me. probably just related to size
-misalignment. minor gripe, but the mask and plastic shell on my unit are slightly off center. just annoying, not function affecting

all in all worth it for the protective quality, but takes some getting used to

Miles Huff
Runs very small, crushes your head, not a lot of padding

I'm at the upper-end of the XL size. I held off on buying a HEMA mask for many years out of fear of wasting my money on something that didn't fit. I finally decided to risk it and pull the trigger.
I can at least force this mask on, but it actively crushes my head as I wear it, and I feel every blow transmit directly to my brain. It's not comfortable or safe for me to wear. I'm going to have to either send it back or resell, and then try to get a helmet/mask custom-made.
It looks really nice, at least.

Gurer Ozen

Extremely safe and secure. Great vision and hearing. Hits on plates make a loud boing sound though.

Sabrina H A D Acqua
Great protection, lightweight, easy to wear

Loved it, much safer and more practical than a classic mask + overlay combo. Also, it's rather big. Round down your size.