Ensifer Corona 2020 (Regular)


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The legendary feder from Poland, refreshed for 2020 and with newly upset tips for safety and durability, all at 125 cm (49 inches). The Corona models feature a comfortable cord grip and simple fittings for affordability and easy maintenance. The "regular" length model handles exceptionally well, with many people saying it floats in their hands.

49.5” overall length
37” blade length
9”+ handle length
3.5” from cross point of balance

"After 70+ HEMA tournament matches and 5+ years of consistent club sparring, my Ensifer is still going strong! If you're looking for durability, my recommendation will always be Ensifer." - Rachel van Dyke, SoCal Swords Instructor

"I used Ensifer blades for my entire competitive career, and my first sword from 2012 is still going strong!" - Sean Franklin, SwordSTEM

"To the best of my knowledge IFG/Indes has had over 30 Ensifers and I've never seen one fail catastrophically. They all just age out after developing rattles at the hilt after several years." - Joe Colistro, Lead Instructor IFG

"Jake's had nothing but Ensifer heavies, and usually passed them on to someone else who used them a year or two longer. The shortest lived was 4 years, and I think that one died to our sword-breaker who's done in about four feders now." - Brandi Lynn, HEMA Participant

"Ensifers don’t break... they break people..." - Jack Gassman, HEMA instructor and highly decorated international longsword fighter